what does the name mallory mean

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What does the name mallory mean? ChaCha Answer: The meaning of the name Mallory is "Ill-Omened". The origin of the name what does the name mallory meanMallory is Fr.
I heard it means the unlucky one . and Mallory can come from the latin word , mal , meaning evil and hell and satan. is this true?
The Name Mallory - Page 2: So in March my #2 DD will be born . My name means "princess, fairy princess, or fairy queen . As for PP's suggestion of Mallory Justine. it does .
I really like the name Mallory for baby #2 but I hate what it means: "unlucky or unfortunate." . considering Calvin, and I have to admit, the meaning ("bald") does what does the name mallory mean .
What is the meaning of the first name Mallory? . Help Need help using our site? Visit our support area. Contact us To get in touch with us, please use one of the methods on .
I love the name Mallory. Even though it begins with "mal" which means bad, and unfortunate, is the meaning really . name reeks of disgusting for me. I don't know why, it just does
What does the name Kandice mean? The KGB Agent answer: The girl's name Kandice is a variant of . where does kandice mallory davis live in monticello,georgia?
Mallory: Meaning, origin, and popularity of the girl's name Mallory plus advice on Mallory and 50,000 . AND GARETH: BABY NAMES FROM CAMELOT; How Much Does what does the name mallory mean a Name's Meaning Really Mean??
The meaning of the name Brandon is is broom hill, fiery hill, or sword. Another . What Does Mallory Mean?
a strong but shy leader a good friend it also means beautiful, clumsy, and most commonly reffered to as unlucky. ..I am definetly clumsy, that's for sure!
I looked up a few websites and they all gave the meaning as "unlucky" (or similar).
What does this mean? Audio: Upload the Wav/MP3 file / Record Mallory . Type of Name: First Name Gender . Pronunciation of Mallory, How to pronounce Mallory
Beautiful smart lovely wonderful kind thoughtful sweet friend
elaine09: The first name Ryan means king. It is of Gaelic origin. Ryan is a
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