purple oval pill

3. března 2012 v 22:20

Pink and peach Pills (235) Purple pills (13) White pills (884) Yellow pills purple oval pill(158) . I just found a white oval pill that had the letters C A on it. anyone know what pill .
My son came home from a cruise with several pills, I am trying to identify. Not sure if I am suppose to open a new post for each. But this one is purple oval is scored on one .
It is a purple pill oval that reads a HC what is it . Does the tablet also have a logo that looks like a geometric lowercase A?
What RX drug is this, it is bluish/purple in color, oval/oblong, IP 194 on back with score line . I FOUND A purple oval pill LARGE, LIGHT OVAL PILL WITH 'R' ON ONE SIDE AND '194' ON THE OTHER.
What is a purple pill that is oval shape? ChaCha Answer: I found 29 possible matches for a purple oval pill. Is there an imprint of n.
I need help identifying this pill. I believe it to be 1mg generic xanax, but need verification. The pill is an oval shape, scored down the middle on one side with purple oval pill the imprint .
Oval Pill Dispenser-3575: $0.69: $0.60 was $0.64: $0.56 was $0.60: $0.55 was $0.56 . Item Colors: Black, Blue, Dark Blue, Dark Green, Green, Light Grey, Orange, Pink, Purple .
I believe a it's a Propoxyphene Napsylate/Acetaminophen Medicine- Cornerstone BioPharma P325 P 325 100/325 Violet Oblong BALACET 325 Unscored. Note: There is a blue .
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