Catchy slogans for senators

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The following is a list of notable 18th, 19th, 20th and 21st-century political slogans. Abolish the wages system - A slogan used by the SPGB and the WSM as well as .
Paid for by Senator Mike Gravel � 2008 Mike Gravel. Syndicate
My name is Whitney, and I am running for my Sophomore Class President. I need some good slogans, that aren
The first slogan, courtesy of Cleveland, refers to James Blaine's allegedly unethical . He even mailed out records featuring a catchy song titled "Nixon's the One."
Hey plp, Catchy slogans for senators I'm running for student council at my middle school and I need some help. Anyone have any catchy and/or funny or totally awesome slogans from some posters?
Democrat Senator Slogan . Senatorial Campaign Committee had a contest to come up with a catchy new bumper sticker slogan .
When you are running a campaign, you need to have some catchy campaign slogan ideas, to grab people's attention in a matter of few seconds. A few such .
Catchy, cute little sound bytes that have as much . I dont have a better slogan to offer but I agree. I . Paid for by Senator Mike Gravel � 2008 Mike Gravel
my name is Krista Pennybaker and im running for Senator. so any ideas or slogans that go . [free slogan creator will create a catchy phrase for u ] p/s: a .
He used the campaign slogan, Catchy slogans for senators
Does anyone have any good campaign slogans for student gov. elections?
I'm running for student senate at my school and need a catchy, funny, but not stupid slogan. It also can't be innapropriate. My last name is Gardner and I'm .
School Campaign Slogans. When thinking of school campaign

Catchy slogans for senators

slogans for your school elections, you want a slogan that is witty and grabs the viewers attention.
school campaign slogans. The Presidential Campaign of John
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